About Us

Our History

Floyd and Dorothy Reppert founded Reppert’s Candy in 1945.  In 1978, the Reppert’s decided to retire and sold the business to Larry and Jean Schell. Today 30 years later the business remains in the Schell family.

Reppert’s Candy operates out of a 12,000 square foot facility in Oley Township. We now offer over 65 varieties of candy and approximately 200 different style chocolate molds.

The dedicated people who make up Reppert’s Candy

Holding true to the “family business”, the Schell’s truly view their employees as an extension of their family. With more than 22 employees averaging 15 years with the company, “employees come first” is a philosophy Reppert’s Candy has stood by for many years.

This mentality is one of the reasons Reppert’s Candy has built a long standing tradition being one of the finest chocolate manufactures around.

Superior Ingredients

At Reppert’s Candy, we use only the finest chocolate produced locally by Wilbur Chocolates of Lititz, Pa. Wilbur Chocolates starts with only the highest quality cocoa beans, then roast the beans and manufacture the chocolate liquor to ensure quality throughout the chocolate making process. Once delivered to Reppert’s Candy the chocolate is melted and goes directly onto the product, maintaining the purest chocolate flavor possible. Real butter and mouthwatering creams are also used to create our quality own made candies.

Freshness Guaranteed!!!

When you bite into a piece of Reppert’s candy, you can be assured that it is fresh. As opposed to large companies who mass produce their chocolates, preparing seasonal products one to three years in advance, Reppert’s Candy does not use any preservatives to prolong shelf life. Reppert’s Candy believes that fresh candy is simply better. Everything we offer is purchased within two to three weeks, sometimes even days, after it has been made. At Reppert’s Candy, all of our candy is guaranteed FRESH, and the taste proves it!